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Our Mission

Is to raise funds to rejuvenate and improve the woodland and off lead area of Wembdon Parklands.  We are a group of volunteers who decided to set up this charity with the aim of creating an interesting woodland leisure facility, that improves wildlife habitats and provides more food for badgers to forage, increasing biodiversity and air quality.  Provides a safe, accessible and inclusive to all:  

elderly, disabled, visually impaired, families, children, dog walkers and wildlife. 

Wembdon PACT raising funds for everyone in the community.


Imagine walking through the gates and following new pathways through the newly planted woodland walk.......Stop for a picnic and watch the children play on the adventure trail.  Sit on a bench and listen to the birds or catch up with your friends for your daily chat.  See, touch and smell the a variety of interesting  sensory plants.  Take the pathway through the prairie orchard and discover the insects hotel..............


Green Gifts

Sponsoring a tree in the woodlands is the perfect way to remember a loved one or celebrate a special event.

A tree will grow and last for decades.

You can visit your tree, watch it grow and change through the seasons.

Trees make us feel more relaxed and add character to our neighbourhoods.

Trees are full time air filters, giving us cleaner air.


Memorial Bench Plaque

A commemorative bench Plaque is a unique way to remember a special anniversary, celebrate a family event or the life of a loved one.  


Sponsor a Bird or Bat Box

 Why not help us to increase the number of wild birds in  the woodlands and Prairie Orchard.  Bird boxes provide safe, dry and secure nesting sites for woodland birds, which are in decline nationally.  There are 18 different bat species living in the UK.  Sadly, our UK bat populations have declined.  Sponsoring a bat box will help provide roosting sites for bats.

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Help us deliver the parklands designed by the community

Contact us today!

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